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9th Annual Best Of Edition!

Dear Readers,

We started the area’s first Best Of Poll nine years ago to celebrate the best businesses and organizations in our community. While we know this has been a difficult year in business for so many, we thought that made it all the more important to continue with our poll, so our readers could show their support for all the local places they love.

Over the last few months as we’ve connected with our fellow small business owners, we’ve heard time and time again, that if it were not for longtime customers and the community rallying behind them, they may have had to close their doors.

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Support the businesses you love!

Supporting your favorite local businesses is more important than ever! This year marks our 9th Annual Best Of Readers’ Poll and while the last few months have been difficult for many businesses, we think it’s essential that we continue to celebrate the best our community has to offer and to let businesses know how much they mean to their fans.

Please vote for your favorites local businesses (from Westchester, Playa del Rey, Playa Vista, Marina del Rey and surrounding areas) in more than 80 categories. Voting should take about ten minutes to complete. While you don’t have to vote for everything on this list, you must vote in at least 10 categories for your vote to count.
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