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LiveYoga Wellness adapts to online classes as studio readies to celebrate 10 year anniversary

Since opening Westchester’s LiveYoga Wellness, Teri Roseman’s mission has been to unite the community through a holistic education of yoga–teaching the practice as a lifestyle that incorporates physical, mental and spiritual components to promote health and wellness.
Roseman participated in her very first yoga class in the 1980s in Baja California, piquing an interest that led her to continue to attend classes from time to time.

But after Roseman endured an extremely stressful chapter in her life, with the ending of a long-term relationship, the passing of her father and the diagnosis of breast cancer, what started out as a casual endeavor into yoga eventually became her saving grace.
“Yoga saved my life,” said Roseman, who will celebrate the tenth anniversary of owning and operating LiveYoga Wellness this May.

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Mamai works to bring wellness to Westchester

Sandra Kawahito is on a journey to help the women (and men) of Westchester heal, strengthen and restore themselves through Pilates, physical therapy, acupuncture and yoga at her boutique wellness center, Mamai.

Kawahito found her calling after suffering an injury that caused horrible pain during her third pregnancy. Passionate about sports and fitness, especially soccer, she was given the ok by her doctor to continue her exercise regime, which ended up causing an injury that could have been prevented.

Pregnant with her fourth child, she was determined to not suffer the same types of problems and with the recommendation of a friend, she sought out a physical therapist that specialized in women’s health issues and pre- and post-natal care. With the help of the physical therapist and the studio’s wellness team, Kawahito was able to heal from her injuries and felt better than she had before, something she didn’t think was possible after having four pregnancies so close together. Inspired by what she had learned during physical therapy and determined to help others, she became certified in Pilates and began the search for a place to start her own studio where she could share what she had learned with other women. Continue reading

Seven easy tips for yoga newbies

After falling in love with yoga while taking a meditation course during college, Lara Estrada opened her own Westchester studio Yoga Bliss. The studio, which recently celebrated its one year anniversary, specializes in vinyasa flow yoga, where the room is heated to a tropical temperature of 85 degrees. Estrada says that people of all ages, fitness levels and bodies can benefit from yoga and offers the following tips for yoga newbies thinking of trying a new fitness routine in the new year: Continue reading